Arts on the Race!

I’ll be at Arts on the Race Saturday, in Booth 14. It won’t be the more elaborate setup I had at Artbeat, since the show is only 5 hours long. Come do some rafting on the East Race, and check out my photography on your walk back to start again! 🙂

Ask nicely, and I might snap some photos of you rafting, too:




Oops! Contact form was broken!

So sorry — I found out the contact form on my site has been broken for several weeks!

If we met at Artbeat and you tried to send me a message, it didn’t arrive. Please try again, it’s working now. Sorry for the inconvenience!

ArtBeat 2016

Pleased to announce that I’ll have a booth at this year’s ArtBeat in Downtown South Bend. I’ll be in front of LePeep and Edible Arrangements.

My wife, Shelly, will be there as well, in the booth next to me, selling her Loopy Lady Designs scarves.

Come see us!14054224_10153816951687966_4832156590892824634_n

A Day at the Races

I’ve never been into racing, but when I found out one of my coworkers from Baltimore was going to be in our neck of the woods for a motorcycle race, I had to come and watch… and take some photos.  I got there too late to get any good shots of him, but I did get a few fun photos. Motorcycles are fast, and very hard to photograph!



An unexpected Carnival

I went to Ikea in Baltimore to pick up some presents for my niece’s birthday… and discovered a carnival going on in the parking lot of the mall next door. The line to get in was too long, but I had my camera and tripod with me, so I got some fun photos of the rides – long exposures, zoom racking, neat stuff!







Baltimore Blizzard

I was enjoying the wonderful weather and complete lack of snow so very much that it almost made up for being away from home for weeks at a time… and then this happened. I know, it doesn’t look *that* bad in the pictures… it’s “only” thigh deep in the unprotected areas and calf deep in the protected ones… but I think Baltimore has fewer snow plows than South Bend does, and residents don’t have enough snow to warrant keeping shovels. And since they don’t have yards for the most part, there’s nowhere to put the snow if they do shovel. I was off work for a couple days, and it was only that short because it happened on a weekend. I had to pay someone to dig my car out, because I didn’t have any way to do it myself.




The Local Cup

The cool new pay-it-forward coffeeshop next to my house asked me to snap some photo for them, since they were being featured in an article in the paper. I was happy to oblige, since they make it possible for me to have wonderful coffee on weekend mornings without having to drive. Stop by The Local Cup every weekend for some excellent coffee. Your coffee is paid for. Put some cash in towards the next guy’s cup. Sometimes they have excellent scones and muffins, too.







Wedding Photographer Draftee

Attended my uncle David’s wedding… and got drafted as photographer when the person they’d planned to have take pictures dropped her camera! He’s a hilarious character, and a very good photographer himself. The wedding being near halloween, and since that’s his wife’s favorite holiday, guests were asked to attend in costume, which made for some fun shots.








NNN Arts Cafe 2015

We’ll have our house open for visitors to the 2015 NNN Arts Cafe, on October 26th. I’ll be selling my photos, and my wife will have her scarves on display as well. Supposed to have lots of musicians in the house over the course of the day, including some who will tickle the ivories of the 1943 Schiller baby grand I bought Shelly for our anniversary. Come say hi, and stay a while!