Near Northwest Neighborhood Arts Cafe 2013

I’m excited to be participating in the 2013 Arts Cafe, both as an artist and as a part of the tour — the NNN asked us to open our house up to neighbors who’ve always wondered what it looked like inside. So, I set up my little booth inside the comfort of my own home. 🙂


(sorry for the lousy iPhone pano — my good camera gear was all upstairs when I finished putting stuff up and decided it needed to be documented. 🙂 )20131102 at 230252-4.28 mm-1-120 sec at f - 2.4-ISO 3200x

Results: I sold a small number of prints, got a special order for a christmas present for someone, gave out untold gallons of hot spiced cider and coffee to combat the chill day, had hundreds of people through the house, many of whom hung out for a while, because there were musicians performing in our sitting room most of the day. The mayor was there for quite a while. But I only got out of the house for a small portion of the day, so I wasn’t able to really enjoy the event… and my wife never got to walk around at all.

If they offer us the chance to be on the tour again, we’ll definitely do it… but we’ll find at least one more person to help man the house so we can  go out and enjoy the other artists, too.